Welcome to Applique Elementz

Laser Cut Iron-On Applique
with Steam-A-Seam 2* fusible webbing applied on the back.

* Steam-A-Seam 2 is a fusible webbing that is not permanent until ironed.
Pieces can be temporarily applied and re-positioned as necessary.






Stuck On Quilting ...

Welcome to our amazing appliqué store. Crafted from the best quilter's cotton and state-of-the-art fusible web (a.k.a Steam-A-Seam 2), our appliqué designs are available as laser-cut fusible appliqué or stand alone appliqué patterns for you to go wild with your stash. With super stylish silhouettes combined with our own unique prints, our designs put whimsy at your fingertips. Our adorable appliqué themes include holiday motifs, hobbies, classic quilt designs, and Pinterest-perfect projects.

We have strayed from muted grays, blues and reds, and broken free with fiery tangerines, rich teals, luscious purples, vibrant greens and the occasional touch of yellow. Our appliqués will work anywhere and everywhere ... on fabric, wood, glass, and metal ... anything that can take the heat. So now you can hop from quilt top to t-shirt to home decor in record time and how could there be anything wrong with that?

When you feel like your quilt needs an extra pop of color and texture, but you want to stay breezy, our laser cut fusible appliqué is everything you're looking for. Appliqué never looked so cool. At Urban Elementz, the bolder the print the better. That's why our collection is filled with interesting patterns, silhouettes and styles that will help your quilt stand out. Polka dots, stripes, and graphic details bring these designs to the next level, instantly transforming any project to a look that says fun and chic. We love to see them paired with structured modern quilts for a sophisticated boho vibe or seaside chic. There are so many designs to choose from when it comes to our collection. Go over the top with complete appliqué quilt kits, or go quick and easy with a small appliqué add-on. No matter the vibe you're going for and the mood you're in, we have the perfect appliqué. Have fun with it!


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